Shep's Banjo Boys


“Music with personality”

Banjo and rhythm banjo/guitar, trombone/sax and sousaphone/bass playing the music of the 20’s/30’s/40’s and more in their own exciting style - Shep’s repertoire covers evergreen tunes from the Shows, Dixieland Jazz, Melodies of Yesteryear including George Formby Medley and even Light Classics through to “Duelling Banjos”.

Their breathtaking instrumental dexterity and musical expertise is an absolute delight. It’s not long before audiences are smiling, handclapping, toe tapping, singing along to the well loved tunes or just listening in appreciation of their musicianship.

Sheps appeal is very wide - they are colourful and well presented and can provide a cabaret act but when playing acoustic they are ideally suited for outdoor events/store openings/corporate events/marquees/wedding receptions/cruises, etc.

Any combination to suit your market- Duo - Trio - Quartet
Whatever the market/budget the irrepressible Howard Shep Shepherd leads a combination to suit your needs.

© Sheps Banjo Boys